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    Alexa: Jaw-dropping, Busty H-cup Brunette, Curvy Latina Love Doll

    Alexa is a bold, curvy, busty jaw dropping Latina love doll with a nice plump booty. She loves to take charge but will gladly give up her power to anyone who shows her who’s the boss. Could that be you?

    $2,895.00 $2,685.00
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    Arianne: Adorable Slim, B-cup, Black-haired, College Girl Love Doll

    Introducing Arianne, a slim, fun, active b-cup college girl love doll ready to take the world on. Arianne brings the heat with her lover, and holds nothing back. And she won’t hold back from you either.

    $2,895.00 $2,685.00
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    Jessika: Curvy Big Booty Smiling Brunette Latina Love Doll

    Jessika is a beautiful brunette Latina love doll who loves to have fun at how, and is always caught with a smile on her face. You will enjoy every bit of this gorgeous curvy sex doll, and she is ready for you right now.

    $2,970.00 $2,698.00
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    Kaley: Fiery Red Headed Natural B-cup Beauty, Love Doll

    Fiery and fun like her beautiful red hair, Kaley dazzles you with her petite frame and her lovable personality. Create your perfect fantasy with Kaley as your chosen sex doll. Never a dull moment.

    $2,895.00 $2,580.00
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    Krissy: Beautiful Curvy H-Cup, Big Booty Love Doll

    Say hello to the beautiful Krissy. Her curves are out of this world and she promises to please your every fantasy.  This busty, big booty, curvy 5ft 4inch sex doll beauty is waiting for you. Are you ready?

    $2,895.00 $2,680.00
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    Lisa: Natural, Lovable, Slim and Dreamy Babe, Love Doll

    Lisa has that lovable girl-next-door look. You can’t resist her soft features and her realistic proportions. She’s the perfect sex doll with the right features. For endless pleasure and fantasy, choose Lisa to be your little realistic, life-like sex doll.

    $2,895.00 $2,680.00
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    Melissa: Sexy Blonde Beauty, B-Cup Snow Babe, Love Doll

    Melissa is an active, lovable, fun, and feisty beauty. Her bleach blonde hair, big eyes and her pouty little mouth adds to her infectious personality. This slim b-cup hottie stands at 5ft. 2in., and you will enjoy every moment you spend with adorably stunning life-like love doll. Melissa is waiting for you to create your ultimate fantasy with her. Take her home today

    Melissa: Sexy Blonde Beauty, B-Cup Snow Babe – 157cm (5ft. 2in.) realistic, life-like TPE adult sex doll

    Key Features

    • B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
    • 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm)
    • Steel Skeleton with movable joints
    • Material: TPE, metal skeleton
    • Touch feeling: Soft / lifelike skin
    • Holes: Vagina/ Oral/ Anal

    Doll Measurements

    • Height: 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
    • Weight: 62 lbs (28kg)
    • Bust: 26 inches
    • Waist: 19 inches
    • Hips: 30 inches
    • Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes are)
    • Vagina: 6.7 inches
    • Anus: 6.7 inches
    • Mouth: 5.1 inches
    $2,895.00 $2,695.00
  • Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt

    There are more then a few options for choosing a very realistic and life like sex toy for men. Today’s sex dolls and masturbators for men materials offer great look and feel of real pussy, ass and boobs, both on the inside and out.

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    The most realistic piece of ass you ever fucked and with over 20 lbs. of soft, Fanta-flesh engulfing and massaging your cock, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing!

  • Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck My Big Fat Black

    My Big Fat Ass from Pipedream is a life size ass replica made from super soft Fanta Flesh and looks and feels just like the real thing.

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    Sharron: Blonde, Busty Socialite Babe, Athletic Body Love Doll

    Sharron is a beautiful busty love doll who loves to go out at night with friends and traveling to exotic places. All she needs is someone by her side to enjoy her life’s moments with. Choose her now.

    $2,850.00 $2,595.00