Think Like a Stoner Card Game

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The Dope Party Game for Stoners and Their Friends. Rules are simple for the simply stoned. Ask a question and think of your answer. The first pothead who blurts out your answer wins the card. The questions are barely thought-provoking! Have fun! Includes 200 game cards and game rules.


First off, we’ll never condone anything illegal, of course! BUT! If weed happens to be legal in your particular state/province, have we got the game for you and your buds. Even if you won’t be partaking, Think Like A Stoner is a hilarious game for any fun-loving group.

Keeping the object and rules nice and simple, this game consists of a ton of weird, barely thought provoking questions. One player will pick a question from two on a card. They’ll read it out loud, keeping the answer to themselves. The other players will take turns guessing, and the first to come close, or guess right on, wins the round.

Think Like A Stoner includes 200 cards, 400 questions, and game rules.

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